Tuesday, January 22, 2013

H & M is green with Vanessa Paradis. Eco fashion collection in Conscious

Vanessa Paradis HM

H & M keeps its commitment to green marketing its Conscious Collection capsule collection which is now in its third year since estrenase for spring-summer 2011 . Under this idea the Swedish firm's commitment to "sustainable fabrics" when searching for "a more sustainable fashion."

Vanessa Paradis HM

Vanessa Paradis is the face of this campaign. French actress and singer is one of the fashion icons of the past few decades, Chanel ambassador and foreign to his own style fashions. Good choice on the part of the Swedish brand.

The rapid consumption favoring brands like H & M and other low cost, with little endurance clothing and lower price, it takes time in the spotlight as which groups. No wonder out a collection as Conscious seeking more sustainable materials and best duration, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and Tencel.

As of March 19 will buy in some of the H & M stores across Spain. When shopping for H & M offers an interesting initiative to encourage recycling of unused garments. If you go with different garments worn for any brand to H & M will give you a discount coupon you get it cheaper next purchase ("with a limit of two bags per customer per day"). The objective of H & M's "keep the clothes end up in landfills."

Vanessa Paradis HM

In Spain you can find the collection of H & M Conscious at these stores:

  • Andalusia. Sevilla: CC Airesur; Granada: CC Serrallo Plaza; Almería: CC Mediterranean, Malaga: CC Vialia Station; Cadiz: CC Areasur; Huelva: C / Conception 3.
  • Aragon. Zaragoza: CC Plaza Imperial.
  • Catalonia. Barcelona: Passeig de Gràcia 9 Glòries CC, CC Splau; Girona: CC Espai Gironés; Lleida: C / Sant Antoni 4-6.
  • Madrid: C / Velázquez 36, Plenilunio CC, CC Principe Pio La Vaguada CC, CC Xanadu Midwest.
  • Valencia. Valencia: C / Colón 34, CC Bonaire, CC MN4. Alicante: CC La Marina.
  • Galicia. Pontevedra: C / Prince 30.
  • Balearic Islands. Palma de Mallorca: Juan Carlos I.
  • Navarra. Pamplona: CC Itaroa.
  • Basque Country. Bilbao: Plaza Moyúa 4, San Sebastian: Avenida Libertad 9; Vitoria: CC El Boulevard de Vitoria.
  • Asturias. Oviedo: CC Modoo.
  • Murcia: CC Mediterranean.

H & M Conscious Collection Spring-Summer 2013

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