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H & M will get on the catwalk in Paris with an idea: "We always want to do something different"

Rodin Museum 'The Thinker' by Rodin hopes to H & M.

H & M returns to the runway and no less than during the Fashion Week in Paris. The Rodin Museum in the French capital will be the site chosen, the same in which John Galliano was fired by Christian Dior in 2011 and Valentino made ​​his own firm in 2008 . An exclusive enclave for a change of pace from the low cost company which intends to continue partnering with the great fashion.

On February 27 we have an appointment

The 27th of February is the day chosen by H & M in which we will see the new Autumn-Winter 2013/2014, according to WWD .

What will we see on the catwalk at H & M

Ann-Sofie Johansson Ann-Sofie Johansson.

H & M has informed of all developments Trendencias expected about his new show, especially what we see on this gateway. Faced with the multiple outputs of other luxury brands, tactics that could repeat H & M in your next parade, since it will be available for back-catalog, the Swedish selection chooses quality over quantity.

A round number has been chosen to put the figure at Parade outputs H & M. In total there will be "25 outputs with key garments for autumn-winter 2013/2014," according to the firm itself.

H & M focuses on women's fashion. The collection exhibited in Paris only will women's fashion outlets, leaving the men in the lurch, as is customary in the industry.

"He has been the director of design, Ann-Sofie Johansson, who has been working around the issue of selection of the styles", added from H & M.

A collection will be in stores at the same price

The question is whether what we see in Paris arrive in stores or on the road will become just a marketing campaign to improve the brand. From H & M confirmed that "there is no special collection". That is, we are not facing any capsule collection or highest price we meet later in the store apart from the rest.

We confirm that "the trends of fall. It will be the same price as other brands you find in the store. "

The star is the brand, not the guest designer

Stella McCartney There will be problems between designers chairs. (Stella McCartney for H & M)

Since signing emphasize the goal of the presentation: "This is to give prominence to the fall collection." To this must be put into context recent major releases of H & M, all united world renowned designers with great prestige (from Karl Lagerfeld to Versace , via Lanvin and Maison Martin Margiela ). In total, nearly nine years in which H & M has been subordinated to the prestige of a third designer to present his own collection something now jump and present their brand without intermediaries.

The strength of the firm H & M is at stake in Paris. And it is that which seeks to promote. H & M is up on stage to get them to talk about your collection:

What has been done this time, like to us have been known for other events we've done with guest designers, which is always an international event, now has given prominence to our own collection. That's the idea behind this initiative in presenting a selection of outfits in Paris.

From H & M know well where your strong and how they want to present to the public:

We are recognized as being synonymous with the latest trends in good quality at a good price. We have always worked with the team of designers H & M that are what create collections that are in our stores.

We are always very proud of the trends that we get, for all collections, because this is where all the rough. Then after it is true that we all made to partner with certain designers during very specific times of the year, like the last one did with Maison Martin Margiela, gives greater recognition, but what we always want to show with That is why the design and quality is not a matter of price.

Let's say we're looking hole is what is linked with that. A garment that is design but still accessible, affordable. We then yes we see a great opportunity in the fashion week because we are synonymous with design.

A very good way to present it with our own collection is not linked to anyone, we are simply presenting a collection 100% H & M and what trends we fall.

Recovering past parades

Yes this is the first time we do a parade inside the Fashion Week in Paris but we have organized other parades this style. A few years ago, in 2005, celebrated one in Central Park, before a very large organized in Sweden, in a stone quarry.

H & M is not new to this adventure on the catwalk, however we speak of the second textile group worldwide behind Inditex, if anything they are tables. Just remember two events organized in recent years.

The last of these was the Central Park on April 21, 2005. They gathered more than 800 people invited with great personalities from all walks of level performances as Kanye West. The winter 2005 collection had a great display by the home.

They wanted to regain the initiative we launched in his day and now occasionally go doing it, thought it was a good time.

We always want to do something different. And the last thing I think we have done is what Central Park has therefore been sought to organize a different event. The fashion week in Paris is the time when everybody is in Paris, which is why we want to be but with our own collection.

The reason why choose the fashion week in Paris and not others is based on what is best for the brand, in search of a different context, something that impacts and H & M gives great prestige. Which does not mean that they recognize that "all fashion weeks are equally important to us. Here we make no distinction or contempt ".

From low cost to high cost

Hennes Commercial Hennes 1954.

All this strategy back to the gateway is included in the search to improve the brand and values ​​associated with higher fashion typical of large firms. Moving from being a low cost chain to generate the same desire in the customer to a great luxury brand.

H & M, like other competing brands, is looking to leave behind the image of low cost, one of the remains to point out in 2013 and it is interesting to watch.

To do this, H & M will pay a generous price at which to host an event of this type. This H & M is aimed to train other brands like TopShop Unique to Fashion Week in London or Mango with 080.

In Jared | H & M is green with Vanessa Paradis. Eco fashion collection in Conscious
In Jared | H & M is able to make out the colors this January 2013

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