Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Have a bad day? Steal your boyfriend pants


There are days when you get up out of bed and even though I know I will try to be bad. Very bad. Your humor is of dogs and the last thing you want is that nobody bothers you. And a simple piece of clothing can do. On days like this is when I avoid tight clothes: I do not feel mood to take anything of this kind. And when many times we open the drawer boyfriends / brothers and steal a pair of jeans as groovy. For if we know how to combine them we can make this garment is sexy and great.

Far from seeming like sacks of potatoes can combine them with heels and a simple blazer, and the combination is more than perfect.


Even if you prefer to browse among your closet can grab (and who does not like things) a basic jersey always get those. Amazingly the combination is positive: we just have to see the result after Sabrina DRK .


The key is to wear them with ultra feminine clothes so that pervades the couple.


Today, how could it be otherwise, have this type of pants especially for women. The ones I drew attention last summer were signed by Acne shattered, and the protagonist of Columbine Smille summa cum laude took the time to take them.


Thinking about a getaway in the closet of your kid?

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