Saturday, January 19, 2013

How Income by Galliano?

The news of the day, confirmed by WWD , Something like BOE Global fashion is that John Galliano will spend three weeks working in the studio of Oscar de la Renta in New York after mediation by Anna Wintour, and that seems to be the result of the meetings held between the director and the designer and Vogue who jumped to light when they were seen eating together on a terrace in the month of July.

If the rumors at that time and some voices soared and placed it in Schiaparelli, probably now starting to emerge Galliano others that could be the successor to the Dominican designer, although it seems to be in top form has already served 80 years and over the past 2011 revealed that he had a cancer that appears to be fully recovered.

And it does not seem too logical to think that one of the most talented designers have forgotten how to do his job after going through a rehabilitation clinic to overcome their addictions, so this return to the world of fashion with this kind of scholarship for three weeks is quite strange and more like a staging to the gallery, and somehow formalize a possible succession preceded by a time working together, getting to know the team, while given the opportunity to get an idea to clients of de la Renta (do not forget that some of them are Jewish millions). Besides that one should not overlook the detail that the right hand of Oscar de la Renta worked for Dior Galliano stage.

In a time when the great European maisons seem to believe in a different style when designing fashion, as seen in the first collection of Raf Simons for Dior with a minimal reinterpretation of the New Look brand or experimentation as Givenchy, Balmain and Balenciaga, American brands have never lost sight of the red carpets showcase classic and flattering dresses and clothes for the day and flattering practice. And that Galliano has proven to be a genius. Few can boast of creating the most wonderful evening dress and the perfect tailored suit. With the advantage that your resume is well known for its clients.

America is the land of opportunity and no better place than New York to have the second he deserves Galliano, especially if they come from the hand of a fully established brand with a portfolio of major clients.

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