Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to look pregnant when you're Kim Kardashian


You want the planet and through other means, women, wonders how you can have that waist and that caderona. You look like a pin up 50's but almost photographically retouched, your proportions seem impossible and wham ... how you'd look pregnant? Mismito Well that's what happened to Kim Kardashian.


Believe it or not this sweet-faced young lamb slaughtered is Kanye West, rapper pro as they come, who was pregnant at the Kardashian. I could not believe that she did not hit it off with another man were a Geyper similar to Pataky. They say that pregnancy is still very little and maybe why we saw the curvy nymph dressed in black and Calgary embedded as ever.

But what makes a embutimiento when word created just to define the Kardashian, can not be for your tummy? Well you get creative: a poncho that tape and let the sensual touch on your toes, and outdoor nudity. How fetishistic love this picture.

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