Friday, January 11, 2013

If you liked the campaign, expected to see the new lookbook from River Island ... And temperatures to rise!


There lookbooks than just take a look above you know if they will be right for you or not. Last week I showed you the new Spring-Summer 2013 campaign of the British firm River Island and it was clear: he wanted it all. And now, seven days later, I repeat my words to know their new lookbook. Their striped dresses are in love and I do not know which version decantarme: gray or pink? Both.


What trend takes?

Indeed, if you are the type who can not miss a single trend of the moment, this summer will be to squeeze the maximum white and black. And it comes with strength and all firms are quick to show their versions.


Dresses bicolor or playing with the pieces of clothing, this combination offers plenty of great tennis and our imagination. Shirts with pants, sweater over a dress, vest ... Anything goes!



Although if you want to add a touch of color to your style, you can always add more colors with colorful prints.


Even if you do not settle with a single trend look, you can mix these colors with stripes. The effect mola bets galore if the garment well.



Adding freshness to your look

The problem I see is black and white tones that are not alive, and even if you break up the monotony, in summer I like to go outside and see bright colors and different. Oranges, yellows, greens, is a time when everything is allowed and people dare yet. Will you dare with these clothes?



Mixing prints scattered with totally different colors too cool, and a good example is these looks: one riskier than the other but both ideal for a sunny day.



If you prefer you can always turn to the total look blank.


And for those who want something different to what the summer we recommend this set turquoise white polka dots. What do you think?


With clothes and want as temperatures rise!

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