Monday, January 7, 2013

It's official: the cuts?? already here


It is quite known that flips me fashion, but I can not buy anything that would. And not because it's expensive, but because there are so many things to me that my bank account would not cope with everything. So throughout the season wishlist make two: one with garments that are of vital importance (than not end up being but so sorry) and others that I can wait for sales. But I do not learn ever since the day comes to rebates and disillusionment is such that I break the list into a thousand pieces.

And that coat or sweater that wanted both have lowered only 10 euros or claim that is the new season and not a penny down its real price. When will I learn to understand? Maybe never, and they say that hope is the last thing to go. And I know most of you will be thinking what's all this if we are a few days of sales? No dear, in Catalonia today is day 1. The starting gun. Madness smells in the streets and women will go for the bargain machete.

The 10 euros of rigor

Zara seems quite clear: the coat so beloved bloggers like Chiara Ferragni or Kayture not have wanted to downgrade so astronomically have opted for the 10 euro rigor. Thus passes cost from 79.95 euros to 69.99 euros .


Three options were the coats he had seen in Pull & Bear. And seen the disappointment in Zara thought that any of these options would help me raise the spirits. But the reduction has been the same everywhere: from 59.99 euros to 49.99 euros pass .


Obviously in my list there are many more things that I can not find anywhere because they are dead, so I must go in person to the store to see if I have better luck. But saw the picture, I have no illusions just in case. Already what you expected?

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