Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jean Paul Gaultier revives myths '80s music

Jean Paul Gaultier Summer 2013

In one image Madonna, Grace Jones, Boy George and David Bowie. What today would be a meeting of great myths of '80s music makes Jean Paul Gaultier actually in their new Spring-Summer season 2013 and is so happy. Well, he did not, rather Sebastian Kim.

Causality leads to retake these four icons because. The latest collection of the French designer's spring-summer 2013 , I was looking this time when everything is mixed, where the color appeared alongside fearlessly mixes patterns and where androgyny and sex were common characteristics icons time.

Four artists like Madonna, David Bowie, Grace Jones and Boy George contributed a great novelty to that musical discourse, art and style. They were more than just singers. Breaks with more traditional views of fashion and music, with more or less success, that now in tastes, but this selection are two of my favorites, especially the White Duke here was red.

Sebastian Kim Good campaign will have to see to complete to continue enjoying the transformation of models Ginta Lapina, Hannelore Knuts, Jeneil Williams and Maria Kashleva.

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