Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jessica Chastain is tired of burgundy, aubergine preferred. And she sends

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain have to love it, follow it and of course, naming it one of the best of the year on the red carpet for its look at the Oscars 2012 . The good thing is that it also shows a good street style and fashion goes above and creates own. What is badly burned burgundy? She chooses the aubergine? Sure I'll have to look for what is an English translation because eggplant is cool, fashion, or anything 'and so no one can impose a fad, dear Jessica.

Jessica Chastain

A knee length trench coat Burberry double breasted straight next to a French manga with closures. Some skinny jeans and a gray top. Simple is not it?

Supplements are best: those maxi sunglasses red retro taste of pasta, with lenses and light to be slightly transparent pink pass. The gold bracelet rather generous. The leather handbag from Alexander McQueen, this time, yes, in a dark brown that blends well with Prada platform sandals.

A 10 for Miss Chastain. And on top costumes.

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