Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kate Bosworth with skin and white shoes, did a look pass or fail?

Kate Bosworth Mulberry

Kate Bosworth is one of the weaknesses of the team of Jared, like many of you. He has not missed any of our past best-dressed lists in both parties, 2011 , in the 2012 and in the street style of 2012 and the 2011 . Certainly not in all his public appearances wins or at least not for everyone. In his appearance at the Sundance Film Festival gave us a special look with skins that generate the doubt of many.

Kate Bosworth look

For his appearance chose a Mulberry dress two-piece white gooseneck, color introduced into the equation and that if it had been another famous and I imagine the comments had awakened. What does Kate Bosworth and will be copied.

Kate Bosworth boots

The large white belt detail entallando the top as far as possible (she also has a lot to check) and boots of the same color with a chunky heel and generous platform to withstand minimal make a couple vertigo hopefully reach no fashion.

Kate Bosworth clutch

We've been around a few seasons with another white shoe, white shoes and this is not in the background so comfortable for the rest of us. That does not change the situation, please.

Kate Bosworth? Approve of this look or suspendéis?

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