Thursday, January 3, 2013

Keys for shopping style: Little Red Riding Hood never been fashion


One of the items that make me more obsessed in winter coat (with sweaters). It is one of the most expensive clothes, so I focus on cuts to find the biggest bargain. I have them in all types and I like to vary every other day too. And this year I'm in love with those who are red: I never noticed this tone by being flashy, but over the weeks my body asks me to draw a little attention.

Therefore I find the ideal for me and Little Red Riding Hood emulate in its most chic and fashion. Fortunately, as is a tone that is fashionable, if you have the same need that I do not it will cost to find the model that best suits you.


As firms have echoed this and we propose thousand different ways depending on the time and situation: affordable prices, some less, type trench to last seasons followed in our closet. I like the contrast of this color with gold tone buttons, much better than black plastic. depends on the model but I ask one thing or another.


How could it be otherwise, in Zara's offer to give and sell, but if you prefer something more formal but with that twist opt for a blazer. In Bershka are affordable and the investment will be minimal and you'll be using for years and years.


What do you think about this tone?

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