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Keys for shopping style: looking sneakers that molen


Meanwhile ideal shoe, with your heel and deadly sharp point, sneakers have enough space inside the shoe. Before they were reserved for running or sports, now the same can be combined with the most elegant tuxedo style and if you do better than anyone. Today we seek a styling cues to go shopping with a variety of sports to the everyday city.

Tacks and brightness

studs and shiny sports

We start at the top, with the tacks and shine along well in a few seasons for fashion stores. Tacks is best reduced to a lesser role before they invade the whole shoe is not nothing right. Moreover, within two days of fashion and will look better than a little too much before.

  • An option to tack so passes comedir leave just the tip, how are you in metallic Miu Miu with the rest of the shoe in to clear 350 euros .
  • Copper color with timeless finish of Berskha cowboy have these for 12.99 euros .
  • Slippers to highlight and give prominence to the feet. I love this electric blue gloss finish without being me fan of sequins or shine. A model of Jimmy Choo for 350 euros .

The fashion boots

spoil sport

Wedge so much taste for copying Isabel Marant has left a tremendous wave of clones of that firm. For my part the give away all or reused as material to make new shoes, so I prefer other prey close to this but without this wedge horrible.

  • Better a shoe like this, lisa, booty and trim highlighting the different parts of it in a vivid red, as well as incorporate a padded top and buttons at the back. Pull & Bear for 19.99 euros .
  • Made in fashion for fall fashion, Isabel Marant prefer to stay with their wedge shoes with less possible. These perforated and generous cream-colored laces for 395 euros .
  • Although forced to choose before a French firm I prefer those near Y-3 brands like Balenciaga or have included in their collections. This time we will Asos looking for a lower price, for 18.88 euros .

Casualties and stamped

stamped lower

Printing or smooth?? Something more simple or more particular detail? A bit of everything. Do not say. If at the end, to continuously buy insurance that will have the two models.

  • A retro style and pop with tiny moles Fred Perry in this red and white shoe by 45 pounds .
  • The fashion worn finish mixed with metallic and white in this design to Mango by 39.99 euros .
  • While tweed goes to this design Bershka for 12.99 euros .

A hot shoe for winter

hot shoe winter

When opting for a shoe for winter better leave that Converse is so worn thin in the closet and choose its own model of the season, with a corresponding lining and protection for missing the cold.

  • These shoes with the back and covered with hair are my favorites if you search a similar model. Pull & Bear for 29.99 euros .
  • Vans is a brand that knows how to keep warm. This boot has to put the Caribbean on the feet by a sheepskin interior padding while abroad choose to give a worn finish to look cool. By 46.52 euros .
  • The classic Camper balls this time in the form of loot with crisscrossed laces and a good skin finish with a sturdy liner, without giving too hot but not exercising free stream wind. For 99 euros .

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