Thursday, January 24, 2013

Keys for shopping style: the perfect accessories for a perfect purchase


What is the perfect purchase? It is one that you want to look the same day of the purchase, and one that will cost what it costs you very often poniéndotela rentabilizas even years if the quality is sufficient. With the low cost we forget this maxim, better lights somewhat more expensive than 10 years that you wear something cheap 1. Think for a basic cabinet full of quality garments, a perfect way to show them off as fashion accessories each season are.


No power desmerezcas a bracelet, can completely change the style of a jersey or shirt. Especially if it is so sharp and with a point like this kitch and rock from Alexander McQueen Selfridges . With a leather jacket emphasize his playing punk, with a white shirt will allow you to get to work with the uniform bound but loudly saying who you are and what you like in your spare time.


On with the model of Chloé Marcie, my favorite bag of the season. Leather color makes you look at what office styling, one Navajo or a retro. From Selfridges .


A perfect companion especially watching looming with hat Robespierre is this signing Zara and you can do yours already in the sales. A cigarette and a coat with fur will be your perfect companion.


If your style, like mine, connects more with the roll pin up of Ava Gardner from the 40 a turban is risky but I love that look. You take what you take if this add lights be the center of attention.


My umbrella seasonal favorite, heart-shaped and very "Marilyn" by Berryfields now for 31 euros .


And went up the body again. Spectacular is the necklace Asos signature and striking make any shirt you have dull or basic, 40 euros.


And if the baroque is your favorite style of the season, I recommend you leave ins luzcas in casual clothes. Asos Necklace .


To end a mix of trends, and styles of full applications with mustard trend shining and H & M as its creators.

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