Thursday, January 17, 2013

Keys style for shopping: we toured the new season of the shops

primaver white

I can not help. I know it is still raining, snowing, and cold, but to see the new spring clothes in stores and can not be tempted to buy something new. For now I'll just have a look, because I know what happens next. I bought some clothes too summery and I can not release until May or June (in the North the weather takes time to arrive). But it's never a bad time to renew the closet right?

Prepared for halftime

For now, I can settle for a jacket halftime but has since Spring dyes, the color, because it is lighter ... As this baby in red leather jacket from Zara. It costs 149 euros , but it sure would put me very much.

red leather

Continue succeeding military-style clothing, as this jacket with contrasting sleeves. In H & M for 49.95 euros .

military jacket

The denim worn in the version will be another hit of the season. This type biker jacket can be yours in Mango for 49.99 euros .

denim jacket

I crave skirts and dresses

I crave light garments, so typical of the spring and summer dresses. Something new with what cheer my closet, but now have to wear layers of clothing under cardigans and coats.

Mango dresses

  • Print Dress Mango leaves, for 29.99 euros .
  • Navy style dress from Mango, for 29.99 euros .
  • Dressed in color, that encourages my closet, in shades of pink, for 39.99 euros .

Also could fall at any time with a summer skirt, ethnic style, now would look with tights and in a few months with bare legs.

zara skirts

Latest Trend

Neither bad anticipate some trends spring-summer and bought a garment very topical as a white striped trousers and black. In SuiteBlanco for 29.99 euros .

striped pants

If you dare, you can wear a whole outfit with leopard proposed as Stella McCartney. Here we will look weird, but if you go to Paris or New York sure streetstyle photographers will shoot thousands of photos. In Mango, jacket costs 59.99 euros and pants 29.99 euros . Not bad for price.

leopard dress

The animal prints continue rampaging. In H & M Divided you can get with this tiger-print top by 14.95 .

Tiger top

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