Saturday, January 19, 2013

Live with Style: Jezebel weekly schedule of 66

tom Limited Edition Book Tom Waits-Corbijn

The Friday afternoon person I am, I imagine that many of you feel the same. After a long work week moonlighting touches do chores but you also have to find time to relax and above all to enjoy the free time.

bargain sale

Now it's time rebates and evil come not take advantage and make some shopping. In My World Philips tell us the most interesting bargain sales.


Among the resolutions for the new year is always more to the sport. 0.0 In Citizen encourage us to go for a run and it is always easier if we took our poscast favorites.


It is assumed that the weekends have more time why I say you have to take to join the new contest Trendencias Club and win a LG Optimus L9 LG's hand.


For cinema lovers have several movies to watch during the weekend: "Django unchained" , the latest craze of Tarantino and "Lincoln" by Spielberg. In Film Blog we have all the details.

I have it

The soundtrack of the weekend comes on the heels of I have. In Hypersonic tell us the details of his new album Fade . And in February tour of Spain.

Tom Waits

To see and read in Fararazzi we recommend a book of photographs of Tom Waits limited edition made ​​by renowned director Anton Corbijn.

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