Thursday, January 24, 2013

Loewe is aimed at fashion advertising 2.blogger

leo_01 Gala Gonzalez

They are the faces of the moment in the fashion world: postean, shape, and design prick. And the wish signatures at all times. And is that the bloggers of the moment have achieved the new stars of the moment and make the best of themselves in each of its inputs, so no wonder we Loewe has been pointed to this new fashion for the presentation of his new bag, Leo. We present him with these outfits so great that sometimes characterize and demonstrating (pun referring to the Spanish) whose style and fashion sense.

leo_02 Chiara Ferragni

How is Leo? A shopping bag made ​​with one of the most characteristic materials of the Spanish firm: the skin. Square, with handles and (as we can see in the pictures) in different shades like brown or blue with purple inside. But if I have to meet with a version I do with the yellow canary Tina.

leo_03 Tub

Although I must admit that for the summer fuchsia pink is also an option. Although not as valid when you see the price of the bag: 890 euros. If you can spare is okay Varies many hues, if investment is way better than you to have it in a more off and spend more unnoticed.

leo_04 Yayoi

What do you think the turn (again) to the bloggers? Do you like this new model?

Photo | Loewe
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