Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mango bloggers like both celebrities as what happened during the parade?


As you know, on Monday presented the 2013 Spring-Summer Parade of Mango in Barcelona 080, and obviously I do not want to lose. For if something is marked is fame really funky throwing parties. And frankly, exceeded expectations. Since early in the morning we knew something big was cooking, because in Instagram not stop the bloggers post pictures in the showroom that the firm got in the hotel where they were staying all. Sessions makeup, hair and photographs. Many photographs. The truth is that I love going to these events, because I just find familiar faces ...

And this time my friendly faces were Sara and Aida, or what is the same, and Vintage Collage Dulceida. We have already agreed several times at events, so ours is to go from party to party and throw it touches us.

ogs_02 With Sara and Aida in an attempt molar much

World 2.blogger

Speaking of Mango is talking about bloggers in the moment. For if a thing is good this firm (a part of their collections keep getting better) is that they are always in the hunt for more straight faces today. So how could it be otherwise, they were a part of the main parade. And it is as if princesses were addressed, the dressed, the makeover and previously went through a shooting for the firm. Who does not want that?


Gala Gonzalez's relationship with the firm is a romance that lasts years and years and years. And no wonder: he had never seen in person but is pretty wildly. And style comes out from every pore of the skin, since the end of the night changed for espadrilles heels (so Chanel) and looked just as good.


Style Scrapbook

Another affair that endures is the one with the Mexican Andy Torres. For this occasion donned a minidress striped jacket combined with a baseball.



I was surprised how high it is Kristina Bazan. At all times the smile from ear to ear was present on his face and looked like no one maxivestido that later appeared on the catwalk. His back is broken, making it a good choice for a gala or a wedding.


Le blog de Betty

The French opted for a 100% look to your style with black skinny jeans, white shirt and striped blazer that I loved from the first moment.


The Petticoat

I liked to see how the discovery I made ​​just over a month was present among the invited bloggers. I speak of The Petticoat Cristina, who has a estilazo amazing and only she could defend like nobody these striped pants Beetlejuice-style.


Dulceida and Vintage Collage

My two favorite twins (as they call each other) were much to his style. One with a rocker look like only she can look (Aida) and the other with a stylish outfit and adaptable to many times (Sara). No doubt they are lame outfits ideas because you can save on more than one occasion.


Lovely Pepa

I met her in passing and I found it very cute. For the occasion Alexandra chose a simple black dress combined with a black leather biker jacket. A total look of Mango 100% wearable.


Cup of Couple

Again, a couple of bloggers were responsible for taking pictures at the girls and a video of cool that you can see on their website. Friendly and groovy, so are they.


The icing on the cake

But definitely the icing on the cake was coming. Suddenly, I sat in my seat and killing time waiting for the parade to commence, a swarm of photographers began to appear as a Lion King stampede. What the hell is it?, Automatically thought. It's Paris Hilton!, Was heard in the distance. Bah! What will make Paris Hilton here? Talks on both sides were the same, and suddenly unveiled an enlightened mind what all came to see her baby parade River Viiperi boyfriend. And you could tell he was there for him when she paraded models was becoming autofotos or put the mobile autocámara to see your makeup. And when he passed her eyes that almost crossed the room lights out. And you know what? The next had a fan moment is nothing absolute high. Moreover, I pulled a couple of centimeters (although my heels were older). So my question is: What should be Nicole Richie? Well if you saw them together Paris takes a head and a half ....


And since the end of the world came from the hand of Anita and Herve Leger Obregón apretadísimo air leaving a tiny legs. What the hell was he doing there? No idea, but she and her splendor seemed most ... Let's leave it as plain old.


Once again, thanks to the Mango team around. A party of 10!

Photos | Kayture , Le blog de ​​Betty , Lovely Pepa , Charls-closet , The Petticoat , Vintage Collage , Cup of Couple
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