Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mango Spring-Summer 2013: dear friend, start saving because you're going to want all


Last night was the day: using the framework of the 080 Barcelona Fashion Week, the Spanish brand Mango presented its Spring-Summer 2013 collection from the crème de la crème (but I will talk about that in another post with all the details). As always happens in his shows, I loved (almost) anything at first glance. What most caught my attention (which was diverted every few minutes to see what to Paris Hilton) was a flowing black maxi skirt with all buttons and a set of short beige jacket with black trim. I fell in love and quickly pointed it to my wishlist important things to have in my closet.

The power of white

Once again, and as usual, white is the protagonist in the Spring-Summer collections. And billowing skirts, ripped jeans, pants clip, minidresses ideal for warmer nights.


If let me choose just one outfit which take hours to decide because I love them all.



Evening dress in black

The black is a shade of life that we might like it more or less but always going to take more than a pinch. And the models in this color I liked last night: closet funds that may take forever and you can take in a thousand different ways.


The trend of the moment, this

How could it be otherwise, some of the proposals submitted yesterday were based on the trend of the moment: the black and white combination. With touches noventeros bands paraded models as a top and oversize blazers that I fell in love in every way.


Rescue earth tones and nude

Are back in fashion with earth colors jackets, blouses and trousers in beige or light brown. Combined with the cowboy, white or black to create a great effect on the day-to-day or to go to work breaking some molds.


The nude color clothes back in sheer dresses romantic and ideal for summer nights cooler. The perfect jacket signature (which has already become a classic) is presented in this color this year.


Where you cowgirl?

The denim is not lacking in the closet of (almost) anyone. Whether in the form of shorts, jeans or shirts, this fabric goes a long way in worn colors, darker and pants XXL . I want it all!


Prints multiple

To conclude with proposals Spring-Summer 2013, the company presented some models prints. I'm not much of prints and patterns that are my least liked, although I realize that does not mean I dislike.


I have it clear: a year I will not be able to save anything.

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