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Manuel Mota, designer Spanish brides

Manuel Mota for Pronovias

Manuel Mota (July 9, 1967, Tarragona - January 8, 2013, Barcelona), has been the designer of most brides Spanish, 23 years at the helm of the creative direction of Pronovias go far. Familiar faces and anonymous faces are clad in one of his wonderful designs and have looked spectacular in one of the most important days of their lives.

Manuel Mota

I have had the pleasure of meeting personally Mota and I have only kind words to him: he was affable, charming, attentive ... just loved her job, and lived for his work. And I know firsthand that many brides, being anonymous faces, the tried personally. This says as much of a designer.

Astrid Klisans Astrid Klisans

He has been responsible for giving a fresh and youthful collections Pronovias. And he entrusted many familiar faces: Astrid Klisans, Carlos Baute woman who was beautiful on 2 July, Genoveva Casanova, Nuria March, Sonia Ferrer, the singer Nuria Fergó, Ariadne Artiles or Charisse Verhaert, wife of Julio Iglesias Junior. Dress also has many familiar faces as Tamara Falco or Isabel Preysler.


The best models have marched in parades for him: Karolina Kurkova and Irina Shayk have been his last muses.

I'm a fan of the books, the treasure, I love art, the photography, the fashion, the jewelry, etc.. The consultants constantly and always find inspiration in them. I also love to go antique shopping and find clothes from the 50, 40 or early century and discover ornaments, embroidery can reinterpret today. Something that has caught my attention lately is the auction of the famous Audrey Hepburn dress in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" which suggests a return to the '60s, to the pure and simple sewing, essence, and that suggests a whole new line

Manuel Mota

In my last interview with him and talked about his latest bold collection, the reason for such risky models: Increasingly demanding brides dresses more daring and different, such as dresses or pants. At most weddings held civilians changes the concept. The short dresses are also perfect as a second dress, after the ceremony, as they are more comfortable and allow the bride to be more relaxed and less aware of the dress.

But best of all were his advice and inspiration curious. The designer who always took as a reference was Cristóbal Balenciaga and always said that the perfect complement to a bride's veil. He also told us that every start of each of their models always started from the tissue:

Each fabric has a different behavior and fall on the body, and this marks a particular line from the start

Manuel Mota

I'll take this wonderful memory, personally signed by him, a sketch Le Jardin des Reves your collection 2013, sadly his last collection. We'll miss you.

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