Thursday, January 10, 2013

Manuel Mota: rest in peace


Yesterday we awoke to the terrible news that designer wedding dresses dearest in this country, Manuel Mota, had died at 46 . How? Why? Where? There were many questions that people did and many rumors circulating in the social networks. We live in a country where the illness can be with us and we fail to realize that with this kind of inquiries and statements such as: left a note at his home before he died, causing more pain to his family.

Manuel Mota always been discreet with his life, friendly with the press and everyone in the sector. Never had a bad answer to anyone and was always willing to help with interviews and more. So why not let his death be discreet as he would have liked?

Out of respect for him, his family and closest friends. I put myself in the shoes of all of them and I can not imagine how I would react if someone started indulging in lurid details of this fatal event. When we investigate and talk about these details do not think that behind all these people are suffering and who are currently going through one of the most difficult times of their lives.

So let go by the illness which has come and give you the rest you deserve. Manuel Mota, DEP .

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