Friday, January 18, 2013

Miranda Kerr is a good ambassador for Mango: new look in sight


If someone asks me to give an example of perfection personified not think for a moment and Miranda Kerr's name out of my mouth hastily. I'd like to have you angry with the perfect person, the perfect husband and perfect son. Everything around you is perfect, but not sickening. And that's what bothers me most (though hard to believe). So I was glad when Mango announced it would be the new face of the brand . Unlike its predecessor Kate Moss, the angel of Victoria's Secret does not hesitate to show his unique insights to the new collection of the Spanish firm.

And e sque A few days ago I showed you how well it sat a worn washed jeans and the new Spring-Summer 2013 , now do the same with his latest look. And is that one of its outlets has donned a denim shirt and a jacket with ethnic print that suited him great. She makes everything shine, even if wearing glasses in a star that could well be the Party City but that the signature Miu Miu.


What do you think these new clothes?

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