Friday, January 4, 2013

Natalie Joos, the it-girl eclectic

natalie8 Photo Stockholm Streetstyle

Natalie Joos was born and raised in Belgium and moved to New York in 1997. Model and worked for 6 years as personal assistant to Glenn O'Brien and then create your own modeling agency. Stylist, fashion expert, and balls usual fashion catwalks and it-girl. Natalie also has its own blog Tales of Endearment . His style is modern, original and very fresh, as one's Natalie.



Begins to be one of the most photographed women of street style and his blog can find small publishers where she poses with her ​​own clothes. Maintained that transmit photos carefree and fun personality Natalie Joos.



One aspect that I like about Miss Joos are your photos and interviews on your blog. Natalie usually travel a lot because of his job so take the opportunity to take photos and visit friends. In the illustrated texts blog up talking about his travels and conversations with friends.


The photos that accompany the text are usually of the house, the protagonist of the post, your clothing and detail varied. Too Wake "The Selby". The texts are nearby and very interesting where we reveal
Natalie Joos colorful life through his friends.


With its recent prominence, Natalie, has managed to work as brand image for Mango or Jimmy Choo.


His permanent smile is your best hallmark and comes with fresh style, modern and very cheerful. Passionate about travel and blends eclectic tastes when it comes to clothing reflect your character.


Fan of the big names in fashion and especially the Italians, likes to mix prints and is passionate about the strong colors and pastel shades. His style also has noventeras strokes and are not afraid of any trend.

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