Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Outfits great and perfect to spend the week


I do not know if I will do the same, but when I have some time in the same season, is becoming more difficult to dress me. And I've already used up almost all my ideas and inspiration is almost dry. So I try to get ideas everywhere, I go out, walk around the shops but above all things, visited street style blogs. It seems that they do not have this problem every day and show us more great outfits. So like I'm filing in a folder as potential ideas.

Dresses, pants, outfits for work or for the weekend. There is everything! And the best part is that you can always adapt it to your style and personality with your own clothing.


Which shows that the style has gotten into the blood is Hedvig Opshaug: the pregnancy has raised the special charm that both characterizes and presents simple but divine. A tight dress to mark belly wool, these boots Isabel Marant liked both the fashion victims and a jacket for colder days you. What do you think your combination?


Although I must confess that these days I am a lover of black infallible. And it looks like the star of Viva Luxury also: with small sizes in gold and white, his look is perfect for 24 hours a day. Do you urge one to try?


Even if what you want is a jersey that we bundle up the rest of the season, this is what the protagonist looks Fash'n'chips: Zara and the firm is lowered! She combines it with simple pants suit and a black salons. All very nice but ... Do not be frozen without wearing socks to protect their feet from the cold? Some things never understand.


What outfit adaptaréis to your everyday life?

Photos | The Northernlight , Victoria Törnegren , Luxury Living , Fash'n'chips , Atlantic Pacific
In Jared | Styling of 10 for a good entry this year
In Jared | Touched and sunk by the black and white

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