Thursday, January 10, 2013

Paco Delgado nominated for Oscars for costumes for Les Miserables


Paco Delgado has been nominated to run for best costume of the Oscars for their wonderful work in the film "Les Miserables" . It is almost the only Spanish representation is the Academy Awards with actress Naomi Watts for her work in the Spanish film "The Impossible". We are excited about the candidacy of Paco Delgado and hopefully take home the prize.

The miserable one

The completion of the costumes for the film "Les Miserables" , the Spanish designer Paco Delgado, has not been easy. Five months to prepare the costumes and four dress shoot for the stars of the film and almost 4,000 extras.

the miserables2

Although the costumes for the film recreates a particular time and wanted to be faithful to it, there is also part of fantasy that accompanies the aesthetic, as it is a musical. Paco Delgado works regularly in films by Pedro Almodovar and Alex de la Iglesia. On February 24 we will know if the designer brings home the statuette. Luck!

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