Sunday, January 6, 2013

Passed with fashion pop, like a bug in which you must not fall

pop fashion

It is the pop fashion hitting stores some time. It can revive you like acid times even though you do not know what it is or, to return to the repetition by the comic, the vibrant colors or choose an unusual fashion. That's all very well. Another thing is that you be ridiculous. And that, as they do not, let him hear.

pop fashion

Many of the current bloggers fall into believing ridiculous routinely go to the last, setting trends that designers, publicists crafty-people-of-marketing have been sold without them might give account. They are so, and we must accept them as such querarlas. Poor. Sure I see the look of Nicoletta Reggio, Scent of Obsession and I think that is ridiculous. Moreover with puppy there.

What is coming to me just the opposite that seeks to convey. To me this is what I find to take a tacky bowling. Sweatshirt to Oasap Roy Lichtenstein (brand you are clocking the bloggers and you will see quite why), Zara trousers, neck and clutch H & M alongside a Rinascimento coat and shoes of Carvela.

pop fashion

This style is not suitable for those posh styles (which ultimately are not such, but as far from it), like Sabina Olson, pose a roll and choice, with his sweatshirt comprehensive multi Bart Simpsons Sheinside the first time worst finish and deformed. A style than the women's Carolina Herrera.

Although I see this sweatshirt and I still appears wearable, beautiful, RECOMMENDED, this same style convinces me more in the second than in the first example. Two ways to a) make a fool b) go over both pose and not skate. Please, if you can, avoid both.

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