Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pretty Ballerinas think red for Valentine

Pretty Ballerinas

Yes, I know. It is early to think about Valentine's Day, but the proposals of different brands reach us not stop. And I could not resist these fun and colorful show yourselves signed by Pretty Ballerinas dancers.

Pretty Ballerinas

Pretty Ballerinas loves Valentine because every year launches a different design. But I say to the fans of daring dancers fata does this date to get your hands on some. This year we can find two models:

Rosario network model is inspired embroidered free love, passionate and romantic, and is set in its usual shape with dozens of tiny hearts embossed on a delicate fabric upholstery with red more romantic protagonist. Of all my favorite models.

Pretty Ballerinas

The model gothic yet romantic, Rosario is the black lace heart model, a groundbreaking design which combines the traditional red with delicate lace black lingerie and a heart atrevasado by dozens of safety pins. A very original creation!

Pretty Ballerinas has not wanted to forget the princess of the house, which also have their special Valentine design. Crystals Hannah red heart carved in red suede with a beautiful heart of Swarovski stones strung by hand.

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