Thursday, January 3, 2013

Primark Sportswear, sports and the high costs will not (as far as clothing is concerned)


About a year and just started to take care of a little, and for that I wanted to play sports (something I had not done in life). Soon I saw that adecuase needed clothes to what he was doing because the typical old shirt and leggings with holes scattered on the cabinet three seasons ago did not serve as such. So I went to some stores, and freaked priced. Beloved!

So when I saw that Primark launched its first line dedicated to this world excited me: no one had created sports equipment at the best price. And now his campaign proves that cheap does not have to be horrible.


Bras, tights, shirts, sneakers ... not missing a single detail! What more can we ask?


And to top it off we also found the typical thermal jackets that keep the cold coming through, so we can go outside to go direct to the gym.


What do you think your proposals?

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