Friday, January 4, 2013

River Island Spring-Summer season 2013: if you like what you all complicated outfits. How can we have it all?


- Hello good morning, could empaquetarme entire collection for this Spring-Summer 2013?
- Want something special?
- NO. I told her I love ALL . And do not leave any detail.

Something like that would be my conversation with one of the clerks of River Island if my bank account does not suffer significant downturns, catastrophic and overwhelming. And in the new season of the English company I love each and every one of the outfits. Okay, yes, I admit it: there are a couple that I dared not think, but I still like it.


There is no particular style, but many people are mixed: floral prints, sheer fabrics, mono-pants, dark colors, others lighter. At last! There is so much to choose from that I could not decantarme by one.


By the power of white I declare the Spring-Summer 2013 released

Here we find an outfit suitable only for lookbooks, artistic photos and Erin Wasson. And this crochet dress is not very comfortable to say, but I still love to see the effect that causes the jacket with flowers.


But if there is something I have been in love dresses with applications: perfect for the night of San Juan, nights on the beach or an afternoon with friends. I want them or yes!



Although the mono-long-sleeved pants and punching is not far behind: with heels or flat sandals will be perfect.


Take the cowgirl in you

The denim or denim is one of my favorites. I have never enough shorts or pants: light, worn, dark, broken, with applications. I always want more, more, more. Basically it ends up being my summer uniform.


The boyfriend jeans become, once again, to be present in the collections d elas signatures and River Island we proposed with colorful embroidery and broken. What do you think the end result?


Although if you prefer there skirt version. Although these two models are not particularly to my taste: I remember the first (so) to the flyers for this Balenciaga Spring-Summer 2013, the second just does not sit well. Although I do like jersey.



For the dark team

I love black and I've always said. The clothes I have on this tone never retire until they are literally torn apart. So I do not mind spending a little more on clothes of this color. When I saw the dress I packed fringe said: Hey you!'re Cute, do you come with me?


And if you prefer to opt for a maxi version totally vaporous and transparent. What do you think?


Necklaces, rings, hats ... supplements are also worth mentioning.


Enamoradas? Like me?

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