Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Scratches, moles or printed? Nasty Gal bet everything on your new lookbook


As the months go forward, firms are going to present their lookbooks where gradually collections are adapting to the season to come, in this case the Spring. And one of the strongest trends is white and black with stripes. So how could it be otherwise, in Nasty Gal blend both to present in a single garment. Do not you convinced? Opt for colorful prints bizarre.

Do you want to scratch?

Black and white striped uniform as if it were Beetlejuice. You have to be very sure to wear some of these clothes because they are attractive, but you have to put a value if you want to mix with other clothing striped or square with the same color combination.


No garment that can resist the signing: how well you can make a top, like a tight dress or a fabulous hair coat today when the cold pressed. How dare you?


Although this color combination if you're not convinced, you can always opt for other great but not as striking. The pastel colors are perfect, and pink and blue sometimes feel terrific combination.


Although if you prefer, you can also opt for a dress where bright colors and flashy are the protagonists. What do you think?


Printed in full color

The patterns are always present in our day. These can be simple or complicated, but always find in store one that suits our style. The galactic follow another season, present in our lives. This time in the form of vaporous shirt.


Even if all you want is one ideal that feels great in your dress and you show him great guy, the best option is the type of pattern scarf. In white, ocher and turquoise, this combination reminds us that heat is yet to come.


Although another option to escape the typical pattern scarf is kaleidoscope effect. What do you think?


The full color geometric shapes are an option only for the most daring.



Even if you always adored the circus clown colors (and do not say in a bad way) we can always try your luck with this dress where orange, pink and turquoise are mixed in a single garment.


What do you think of this new release?

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