Friday, January 25, 2013

The beige is king (here and in China)


Much to my dismay, the beige is king. Few colors I feel worse than this shade off and that is perfect for blondes and brunettes, depending on your complexion. What I love about this color is its ability to combine in which I would definitely recommend the red and strong shades like fuchsia or mustard. The celebrities show that within China (rather to Sundance), beige is perfect.

We begin with Paz Vega who is always in a glob ls soirees as though we wonder why. She looked very cute in the store opening of Chloé in Paris while waiting for the role of a lifetime.


In China, I say in Sundance, Kate Bosworth uses it mixed with white. The look like now, this woman seems increasingly articulated doll with neck and legs somewhere on the other, stiffer than a traffic light.


Which also uses black and white but beige is forgetting Jessica Alba is always great woman and a little more natural than the blonde before. If we remember this sale. If the black and white section of the new season strikes you're right to go to her. Forget the hogwash that leave low cost stores on their shelves and go on sale for the new. Very ready them.

In Jared | Miranda Kerr is good ambassador for Mango: new look in sight
In Jared | Jessica Chastain is tired of burgundy, aubergine preferred. And she sends

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