Sunday, January 20, 2013

Galliano The big news this week in the world of fashion is definitely around John Galliano. And is that the designer Oscar de la Renta have signed British creator only for three weeks in his studio in New York. And all after mediation by Anna Wintour, who after his dismissal from Christian Dior and his own firm had been missing.

Victorio & Lucchino

  • The profound crisis that is affecting our country has also fallen on the world of fashion. The last affected were Joseph Victor and Jose Luis, better known as Victorio & Lucchino, who have applied for in bankruptcy proceedings of its signature V & L Sewing, Fashion Design.
  • Logo fornarina

    And another brand that enters bankruptcy is Fornarina. The Italian company was founded by Gianfranco Fornari. Headquartered in Milan, the company has about 130 stores worldwide.

  • El Corte Ingles wants renewed, its sales are not going well, so his latest addition has been the signing of Jose Luis Pavia as head of fashion, a former director of C & A and Inditex. So wait assumptions cambioes in style.

  • The Swatch Group has bought the brand watches and high-end jewelry Harry Winston who was with a debt of 189 million euros .

  • This week we also received tragic news. The shoe entrepreneur Juan Mascaro was killed in the street after a fight. He belonged to a well-known family in Menorca, which spurred a decisive footwear in the area, contributing to the industrialization of Ferreries. The father and uncle of the deceased were the creators of sneakers Ferreries, later refounded as Ferreries shoes. Both partners were separated in 1980, and founded the company Uncle Jaime Mascaro. Juan Mascaro continued to maintain its business, Ferreries Footwear, being well-known brands both in and out of Menorca.

    Desigual Milan

  • And we pasamo to store openings. Desigual is pulling him. The Catalan company has just opened two stores, one in Japan and one in Milan.

  • Another firm that is becoming increasingly popular is Avirex, better known as the brand of aviator jackets Top Gun. The brand opened its first store in Madrid, in the Salamanca district, specifically in Madrid The new store, which is located in Claudio Coello, 19.

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