Thursday, January 31, 2013

The blog Love Aesthetics is the mine of DIY


In the blogosphere increasingly find more bloggers who are dedicated to DIY or do it yourself. They are a way to recycle clothing or accessories that you no longer wear and save some money while you entertain yourself for a while. Love Aesthetics is one of them and it all possible.

Until a box where we kept the videos before VHS becomes a transparent clutch can join another and make a double clutch or leave it alone for a simple bag.


Another proposal of Ivania is that if we have an old male jacket that no one uses or if we found some on eBay or the like for very little money, you make a few cuts below the manga did firm as one of Acne their collections.


And if you hand with needle and thread can make cuts to your pants and add a transparent plastic-style Alexander Wang Spring-Summer 2013.


While certainly bringing more Ivania is working with Plexiglas which makes necklaces, bracelets, belts and everything you can imagine. Do not fail to go through your blog because it has no waste.

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