Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The coat (Zara) who fell in love on the Upper East Side


Last night I took the first day of the year (or rather night) to catch up on Gossip Girl and settle once the series. For all the talk of the end and I was excluded in the talks. And when I needed just over 20 minutes to finish the penultimate chapter (6 × 09), appeared Ivy Dickens and my head did a high! That coat looks familiar.

Think Charlie, think. Have you seen a clone somewhere. And suddenly the light bulb that went on in me: no, it was not a clone but the authentic version. And the girls on the Upper East Side (albeit bad wicked) Zara dress also. And that coat was proof of the crime.


In version navy or army green, this model is still available in the online store for 109 euros . You will fall into temptation?? Rebates will fly??


I admit that the first time I saw him I fell in love, but that kind of neck I do not just convinced. What do you think?

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