Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The coolest mom of the moment


I never thought when I got pregnant because I'm young and I have a lot for that. But I always ask the same question will I know my closet adapt according to my body? We constantly see girls who wear belly and are increasingly those current trends continue without the hindrance status. I do not know why firms relate horrible with pregnancy, so when I meet moms funky glad. And Hedvig Opshaug shows that his style remains at all times. Since we showed a couple of months ago my partner Fellow of fashion , and we reiterate it today.

And we know that seeing her belly that looks good just to give birth, but still keeps the heels in the closet and dons tight clothing to show that your body is perfect at all times.



I flips your outfit based striped shirt, black jeans, oversize coat and scarf it might seem a blanket taken from home.


Glad to see street style with such bodies. Pregnancy suits her beautifully.

Photos | The Northernlight
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