Friday, January 11, 2013

The easiest DIY in the world

cut vest

I'm a little tricky for DIY Also that I have hardly time to do when in most stores lowcost quickly find the solution for all kinds of fashion whims. But this DIY so easy, so easy, that I think even I would encourage it. Cabinet redeem the oldest denim jacket you have. Will you cut the sleeves, the deshilachas a bit and presto! already have a vest to wear cowboy latest model above sundresses.

You can even soak it in bleach for a washed effect. But that is already the second year of DIY . The idea can be applied in all kinds of jackets and coats. I love how old Leticia has customized raincoats to seize these vests long, ideal for your pregnancy.

gabardine jacket

Perhaps best to leave these semi-coats when not so cold, but I think a great way to modernize the closet forgotten items.

Laetitias comptoir

Photos | Stockholm streetstyle , Laetitia's Comptoir
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