Friday, January 11, 2013

The family has asked Manuel Mota Pronovias anyone see your funeral

Manuel Mota Manuel Mota and Irina Shayk in an act of Pronovias.

The house Pronovias issued a statement that denies rumors about his poor relationship with Manuel Mota, although the family did not want anyone to go to the funeral home Pronovias designer.

Here's the full press release:

Pronovias wishes to express its dismay at the tragic circumstances of the death of its creative director, Manuel Mota.

We want to convey the great love that we have always felt towards Manuel as well as a great partner who have professed admiration for his extraordinary creative talent.

Manuel was an absolutely outstanding person and this will be in our hearts.

To various reports in the media, we want to emphasize that, in 23 years of work, Manuel has been a mainstay of the company at all times bringing their enthusiasm, energy and creativity.

Relations between Manuel and the management of the Company as well as its immediate surroundings have always been extraordinary, as evidenced by the long history together, during which the Company has been supporting her wholeheartedly media projection and career. This company categorically denies any labor dispute with Manuel.

All professional and personal journey on Pronovias Manuel has been faultless showing in the Company until the day of his death absolutely positive attitude and friendly. People who are part of their immediate environment and we have had the pleasure of working with him we fail to understand what happened. Manuel will keep forever as a lasting memory that was great companion.

Manuel Mota's family has expressed the desire that anyone go to the funeral Pronovias Manuel as had been our deepest desire.

Finally, Pronovias want to thank the countless expressions of support we are receiving so sad right now.

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