Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The famous pirran is the new (and incomprehensible) trend


When one is too young to be inconsistent with fashion is not only common but advisable. It is the time to take risks, to mix apples with oranges and red with fuchsia hair with highlights and a bandana on his forehead, if you like. Now there are certain things that are only caused by the climate of California.


At least that is clear from the last street looks of it girls Selena Gomez and Anne Hathaway. It could be called the cold that comes in the foot and ends at the knees, not beyond. I speak of the boots without socks, summer and winter clothes accompanied as in the case of Selena.


What Anne Hathaway strolling with her ​​hubby almost incognito and police court is: winter boots, summer pamela and Monkey is not known when or how.

Wear boots without socks have a pass, and it is understood, in a place like Glastonbury in the summer but it's raining buckets. But wear a jersey of eights pole itself without socks is the strangest thing.

Do you dare? You pass?? Do you understand?

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