Thursday, January 31, 2013

The latest shopping rebates worth


I confess, I very little sales. The first week one day closer ground and discontent that besets me the body and helps me to an unwillingness total the rest of the season. The sales seem to have become the practice of "put this hook for me to buy it again." What a face ... but some items are saved.

I start with my favorite dress of all, by its color and pattern cutting and it is perfect for spring. empire waist dress from Asos 70 euros.


Brocade is a material that I like, which is charged, but the low cost hardly anyone has come up with a similar material than baratero. brocade dress Asos


Who would say that the leopard before matrons of Marbella, reach worldwide. Beautiful leopard print coat from 109 to 59 euros from Zara


The glitter is still there but is slowly disappearing. Asos Sequin Pumps for 24 euros.


A garment that will serve this winter and ten, never gets old. Gown eight point to 15.99 from Zara


Stretch dress suitable for very few, in cobalt blue White to 15 euros .


More flowers, yes sir. floral print dress for $ 39


How difficult are pijameras silk garments. View latest Zara black look that seems to be fashionable, because it has led Echegui Veronica is giving me a dizzy spell. These pants have a pass, silk pants 39 euros to 15.99 from Zara


Run to the peplum little life that is left now. peplum dress 14 euros in White

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