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The low cost gets on the catwalk? Inditex will step?

TopShop TopShop Summer 2013 by Fashion Squad .

The news of the return of H & M on the catwalk of Fashion Week in Paris leaves us with the most important change in the market street firms more visible so far this year. A move to boost the brand and associate it with the luxury of the hard core fashion favorite with its capital. That adds up to around walkways and other low cost firms well known to have risen over the years. While great designers this fall, other brands cover its hole. And while the big question: when will step Inditex? (If it gives someday).

TopShop Unique, the example to follow

TopShop saw an opportunity to get on the catwalk of Fashion Week in London and not missed until today. A parallel that of creating reputation around the firm said higher cost of a sub-group under: TopShop Unique.

In 2005 he debuted in London in 2001 and had already begun to diversify in search of a customer commitment better finishes, more clothing design and quality, thus more expensive. So when TopShop gets on the catwalk it does with the generalist firm but marked "selected" behind which lies as a designer Jacqui Markham.

As detail to keep in mind. If we TopShop Unique in the international media will see how many results you find on sites like Style, NYM ag or Vogue. Now do the test looking for some of the firms that are uploaded to Cibeles in the same media. The company surpassed the low cost that a priori should be soon.

Mango, small steps firm

Mango premiered on the catwalk at home, in their logical context and supporting local, a positive point that the brand conveys your audience before you go out and march with a possibly greater success.

The 080 Barcelona Fashion was the chosen date for the June 21, 2011 Mango estrenase with her ​​spring-summer 2012. This attachment is maintained by the moment. Now we just need to attract international focus to the event, either with celebrities (the last guest was Paris Hilton) or with media that ultimately speak to their audiences, including Mango seeks gain more followers.

H & M, the presentation Pharaonic

Today we remember the presentation pharaonic H & M in Central Park in New York in 2005 for the return of the firm on the catwalk. H & M knows how to organize an event and attract all the media attention surrounding them possible. The machine communication is impeccable Swedes.

Multiple guests (in this case more than 800 people), a unique environment with great live performances with artists fashion (as Kanye West and John Legend), corresponding journalists invited to cover the famous closer together to join them as cover image and other public and media ... the Tsar Tsar's what.

C & A, his own big show

At the same time we see the strategy of seeking the weeks leading fashion by large low cost clothing chains, we have the example opposite, go it alone, the example of C & A .

From the historical and fashion company (founded in 1841) will organize two annual events to present their own collections of autumn-winter and spring-summer in its core of Düsseldorf, Germany, which are partly based.

The company of Dutch origin brings together a large number of prominent people of influence in their respective fields in an event where they organize their own parade and have all the fashion lines that count, they are several, as Clockhouse (the girl) or Yessica Pure (for a "business woman" to the very last as C & A).

Inditex, the sponsor in the shade

Inditex Designers Inditex's headquarters in Arteixo, La Coruña.

Inditex opened as title sponsor of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid in July 2012, to everyone's surprise. A move that surprised and even today continues to surprise and since the firm led by Pablo Isla had always remained outside the circle of fashion catwalk.

At that time we all wondered if it would be the beginning of a radical change in the communication policy of Inditex, even if in the future we could see some of their signatures on the catwalk. For now everything is kept on assumptions, as usual around the Galician group.

The main disadvantage does not see in no time at Inditex gateway passes on his way to produce and focus your business . Your fast way to study the market, design, produce and sell the product in record time contrasts with the fact of presenting a collection months before it goes on sale. Not to mention the fact that when it came to the store the same exhaustion so harmful overexposure to generate sales.

Still, Inditex continues in the shade in your direct competitors. While these are uploaded to the gateway company Zara and stays in the shade as a sponsor. Will the situation in the future?

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