Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Missoni family plane still missing


The Missoni clan started with very bad start of the year, as the plane they were traveling in the Jan. 4 two members of his family, Vittorio Missoni (heir to the Missoni fashion group) and his wife, along with four others still missing. We are eleven days when the authorities seek traces of the plane without getting anything in return. Although Nestor Reverol, Interior Minister of Venezuela, said the search efforts will continue.

His brothers hold out hope of finding them alive. Angela from Italy, and Luca (airline pilot) from Venezuela, do not rule out any hypothesis, not that of a possible abduction at the hands of organized crime. The teams that fly the route he should have followed the plane found no traces of the potential impact. Nor was a wake-up call from the pilots. The page WWD said last night that radar could have located the plane .

Missoni Maurizia Castiglioni and his wife, along with two Italian friends and the two pilots of the plane took off from the Venezuelan archipelago Los Roques. They were on vacation in the archipelago and planned to return to Italy last Friday night.

Hopefully soon we will have good news about his whereabouts.

Source | BBC
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