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The next Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid is the edition of absences and new promises

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

The next Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid has presented its new face to the next edition, in which firms provide the following collections for Autumn-Winter 2013/2014. Most notable passes the absence of several names, especially of DELPOZO , And the input of others, with a special interest Nieto Moses or Rabaneda woman in fashion. The next 18 to 22 February we date the catwalk in Madrid.

The dates of the former overlap Cibeles again the last two days of Fashion Week in London and the first three of Milan. A maneuver that any thinking head is slipping by now but here is still normal. London, with increasing level and Milan, capital of a kind timeless fashion. Logical, yes.

This new edition of the MBFWM is the absences with the fall of four names as DELPOZO Who goes to New York to present his next collection , Fernando Lemoniez who prefer free parade at Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid; Kina Fernandez says he focused on foreign markets and Carlos Diez.

In the news we find new wise as Moses grateful Nieto, Rabaneda and Etxebarria, three more young talent who give a gateway level itself scarce.

A peculiar thing to see the calendar, some firms do not seem to affect them eligible for a bankruptcy to continue climbing on the catwalk, in the case of Devout & Lomba and Victorio & Lucchino.

In space OFF see three names in the official calendar: Anjara (February 19, 21:00), Jose Matteos (February 23, 21:00) and Maria Lafuente (February 22, 21:00).

Mention "forgetting" to add to Alvarno within that space. The design duo fly free. Since the firm itself have confirmed their parade on February 18 at 20:00.

As for the sponsors Inditex, after joining the last edition, still among the top, along with Mercedes-Benz and L'Oréal Paris.

Calendar MBFWM Fall-Winter 2013/2014

Calendar Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid

Day 1. Monday, February 18, 2013:

  • 11:30 h. Andres Sarda
  • 13:00 h. Francis Montesinos
  • 14:30 h. Hannibal Laguna
  • 16:00 h. Miguel Palacio
  • 17:30 h. Teresa Helbig
  • 19:00 h. Ana Locking
  • 20:30 h. Juana Martin / Maya Hansen

Day 2. Tuesday, February 19, 2013:

  • 10:30 AM. Rabaneda / Maria Barros
  • 12:00 h. Ailanthus
  • 13:30 h. Roberto Torretta
  • 15:00 h. Roberto Verino
  • 16:30 h. Victorio & Lucchino
  • 18:00 h. Angel Schlesser
  • 19:30 h. Aristocrazy

Day 3. Wednesday, February 20, 2013:

  • 10:30 AM. Ion Fiz / Sara Coleman
  • 12:00 h. Davidelfin
  • 13:30 h. Juanjo Oliva
  • 15:00 h. AA Amaya Arzuaga
  • 16:30 h. Duyos
  • 18:00 h. Devout & Lomba
  • 19:30 h. Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Day 4. Thursday, February 21, 2013:

  • 12:00 h. Sita Murt
  • 13:30 h. TCN
  • 16:00 h. Etxeberria / Moisés Nieto
  • 18:00 h. Mary Neckline / Martin Lamothe
  • 19:45 h. L'Oréal
  • 20:00 h. Miguel Marinero / Jesus Lorenzo

Day 5. Friday, February 22, 2013:


  • 11:00 h. Pepa Salazar / POL
  • 13:00 h. Mane Mane / Valdnad
  • 15:00 h. Heridadegado / HOWL by Mary Glock
  • 17:00 h. Eugenia Loarce / Paul Erroz
  • 19:00 h. Leyre Valiente / Saic and Paul

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