Friday, January 25, 2013

The Russian team won the gold medal at the Haute Couture Week


The Russian team led by Miroslava Duma succeeds wherever he goes, like beer. And this week have been attending all parades of haute couture that have gathered in the French capital Paris. How could it be otherwise, her outfits have surprised and have been around the world, appearing in every fashion blogs bloggesfera. Layers, hair caps, dresses, boots and an extreme challenge to low temperatures to be divine and perfect. Do you deserve a gold medal?

The team

From Russia, this team and photographed as often consists Miroslava Duma, Lena Perminova, Ulyana Sergeenko Vika Gazinskaya or. They look different clothes and make crazy mixes with incredible results.



Although often only they can put those outfits: I am not wearing a culotte with knee boots and not get away with this mixture.


Miroslava Duma, the star

Boasting impeccable style and showing why it is one of the most beloved and imitated today, Miroslava Duma was again among the Russian Queen. Among his outfits I keep the compound by the new Spring-Summer 2013 Louis Vuitton where the squares and the air sixties are the protagonists.


No garment that can resist and be with her ​​style. Dares yet and, although the result is the most risky, defends it perfectly.


Perminova Lena dares yet

I must confess that my admiration for Elena Perminova is very varied. One day I love, the next I am horrified. Thus she: risks too and sometimes not victorious.


She loves hats and fancy clothes. During this week we have seen with styles and outfits of all kinds: from red carpet dresses to much simpler outfits with pants and thick sweaters.


She is of the following by heart the saying to look there to suffer. Well, I can not imagine taking to the streets while it is snowing with a culotte and body showing right and left leg.


What do you think her outfits in Haute Couture?

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