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The ten challenges fashion for 2013, a key year for the industry

Givenchy Givenchy.

As you look you can see a fashion industry extremely positive or extremely red. With big hits or big blunders. At the beginning of each year, it's time to be playing guess and pick the ten challenges fashion for 2013, a key year, after a difficult 2012 for many companies and a hope (for now emptier than real) that might be the beginning of a change for the better. Ahead clear general trends to continue over the coming months.

The throne of low cost

The throne of the low cost is one of the most succulent thrones within the fashion industry. One of the thrones that generate more income and now within the reach of only two companies: H & M and Inditex. The first took the lead from the Swedish multinational unbeatable after many years. No longer in the field of market capitalization, where are the leaders, but in benefits. In 2012 he succeeded, with main brand Zara to lean on. What will happen in 2013?

The future of the luxury market

Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton.

The luxury market has a long history with constant rumors of if is stagnating, whether the period ended party for his players, that if it sells less ... of course shortly after leaving another study telling us otherwise (as from the air , depending on where the interests reach of the publishers that study). One way or another, 2013 will be the year to meet with key figures and not speculation if indeed this market is no longer on the sidelines of the crisis continues to grow or even to a lesser extent. All eyes are on holdings as LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the best placed by analysts (in 2011 Loewe achieved a 500% profit ).

Export as Spanish future

Nice Things Nice Things.

The basic idea of ​​every business is to grow each year. Once the domestic market is too small, and is exploited or is in dry now, the main challenge is behind borders. Textile enterprises with more projection and future have passed their primary home market in Spain to seek that this is a small part of all your income, ergo, increasing its presence in more stable and most likely to use. Who will have the most successful internationalization? Desigual, Aristocrazy, Nice Things and Hoss Intropia could be three names have in mind.

The low cost they wanted to be Chanel

Zara ny Interior Zara store in New York.

We remain in Spain for being the best known example but can be extrapolated to any market. Low cost firms still in the race to distance themselves from such qualification, at least in image. Some, in the absence of advertising, reformulate their stores around the world with an image similar to a luxury boutique (see Zara ), others seek to join the famous most desired by your audience (see Mango with Miranda Kerr or White with Paula Echevarría ). In 2013 maintained this policy will continue to see how image and grow with the same tactics that firms more expensive.

The conquest of Asia

Huo Siyan Huo Siyan.

Although Asia has been for years the paradise that many brands want to conquer stably not yet have hardly any strong step in this paradigm shift in consumption. Just look at how brands like Chanel or Louis Vuitton increasingly pamper the most famous native, organize the best events, giving them greater importance if it is showing on the other by Europe or the U.S.. Only China has a huge consumer market with a high percentage of consumers with resources and desires.

We will see how in 2013 the red carpet events are happening more and more between China and Japan, the conquest of Asian models is already well entrenched with Liu Wen supermodel main representative of this change, a greater number of stores, advertising efforts ... remains to be done. Input: Asia to shift from being exported design factory, its biggest challenge.

Farewell to the red

Adolfo U Adolfo Dominguez U

2013 may be the defining year for many companies, including several Spanish. If in 2012 we saw how the bankruptcy was no joke monthly lookbook, which is recognized as hosting names Devout & Lomba, Elio Berhanyer, Victorio & Lucchino or Hakei who wore red monkey to announce the least like Other companies did not reach both but not at his best with large losses and refinancing (with Adolfo Dominguez as a prime example). In addition there will also be curious to see the annual accounts of Mango, company cut its net profit by 38.5% in 2011 .

Brake consumption falls

For a lot of politics and tactics to conduct end textile companies are faced with the stark and harsh reality: there is no disk. Or at least, not all drives that wish there was. 2013 may be another year of global recession, with a pretty tough first half in the economy and in the markets thus further lowering the consumption capacity of society. This factor will be key over the next 12 months. Only in 2012 the consumption of textiles fell by 8.1%, according to Kantar Worldpanel .

The discount policy

Discounts are the salvation of many brands (if not nearly all) of the drop in consumption. Whether an aggressive discount policy Asos style or discounts at key point for loyal customers or subscribers to its various communication channels. Brands seek lower their prices and higher sales through these tactics that happen to be punctual to be constant throughout time. Rebates are not twice a year.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, the concept

Alvarno Spring Summer 2013 Spring-Summer 2013 Alvarno

The previous Cibeles, now Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid, still in limbo indefinitely which increasingly fewer designers are up, with last Lemoniez as low , and others with generous debt already mentioned. The sponsorship of Inditex in last year surprised everyone, more than any recent developments relating to this gateway keeps trying to break into the top four in the international fashion calendar without really do, though are changed dates. Is there anything new by the former Cibeles in 2013? ? What will your future ? By the time the interest is still out of IFEMA more than inside.

The blogger phenomenon famosil

One of these will both fashion street style blogger like many others passed. As a concept I think it's fantastic, the best I could be in fashion, as reality begins to rebosarse by the edges. The famous late and bad in this game that is not theirs but people are interested in the curiosity and see what dress, when in fact they do not wear them but are an example of product placement it unannounced. Some bloggers pretending to be divas than ever and that the public will eventually bury the two days out of laziness, because for divas already have a thousand better. And while brands that still arrived later that many famous, still believe that this is the best way to build your image. Then come the madremías .

Best of 2012 by Jared

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