Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Tous Valentine: eat me .... with kisses!

The Tous Valentine

A year Tous remembers the Valentine. And for this time of year so tender, the firm has decided to launch a campaign of the sweetest, allowing the most loving show your love in a very original. The star is a heart gift simple minimalist lines.

To support his special collection of pendants, necklaces and bracelets heart, Tous presents a virtual space dedicated to the love that includes a cake factory more fun than " made ​​with love "

Tous Valentine 2013

In this space the Catalan firm has all the elements for that lovers can make this day even more romantic. Includes a section of love songs to create an intimate atmosphere and a contest titled Made with Love What purports Tous is that its followers, fans and lovers on Valentine picture taken love and gentleness and hang on Instagram # hechoconamor. The three photos with most likes will be awarded and published in the Tous microsite with sweeter snapshots captured by photographer Gerard Estadella, which will be in Madrid and Barcelona photographing most romantic snapshots.

The campaign was inspired by a cake is the sweetest thing your visual key. This delicious dessert is in some of the windows of their stores, together with the jewel that was created especially for the occasion. A beautiful, simple, heart available in gold and silver. What's in bracelet, pendant and in different sizes.

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