Thursday, January 31, 2013

The "accessory" wherever heat queen


The bloggers are always from the manga outfits that leave me stone. One never sees on the street what they see on blogs but be there to hear. The ultimate accessory that look is spring as could be and I used it years ago and is looking forward to the heat invade us. loves (although not very wearable).


This I saw it, I used it in the styling rather, for years in this photo shoot for La Vanguardia it up in the collection of Louis Vuitton summer and it seems that things still kicking ...


We see it in Nadja from South Africa who reminds us that the heat and the flowers are just around the corner.


And a look of Olivia as spring. I do not think that is an accessory for day to day but for a communion or wedding invitation is great.

Do you dare?

Photos | Olivia , Nadja

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