Thursday, January 10, 2013

The worst dressed of the People's Choice Awards 2013: and in all events, there is much to choose from


We started with this post that ended up being controversial for the candidates appearing in it. And is that talking about the worst dressed is to create conflict between that view is perfect and those who believe that something is a horror. About tastes there is nothing written and certainly many of them do not agree, and that's why we are here, to discuss and show our opinions. And today I show you mine (and my co-fatigue) we have made ​​a selection of what we consider worst dressed at the People's Choice Awards gala 2013. Some will agree with??

Too much for my body

There are models that you see and think what does that mean? Pardon? And yes, that same thing happened this morning to meet the impossible look of Mayra Veronica, Cuban model and singer who yesterday was at ease on the red carpet. And that dress is how to say it? Exactly, no words.


Another who left with their mouths open to get to the venue and not for its spectacular outfit was actress Alison Sweeney. What are some of mixed mania metallic colors, with applications, and going escotazos impossible embedded in the garment while teaching leg. Yes, the whole makes it impossible.


Perhaps some of you are offended to see Kristin Kreuk here but her dress is not over for many of us like. Maybe if the skirt was shorter or different color, or have chosen other things would be different supplements. But it was not.


Another outfit that freaked me was to Rocsi Diaz: animal print pink, turquoise scraps, uncovered shoulders and platforms (if not scaffolding) in white. Okay it is fashionable tone shoes, but that does not mean that anything goes.


Another celibrity will cause debate is Heidi Klum. And is that for many is considered best dressed, but for me it does not reach the height. For she knows better drawn match, and that queue repeinada to the top of neck and those strips that hints of his body make it seem a bit ... how to say? That's it.


The disappointed me most was my darling Jennifer Lawrence. Valentino Haute Couture That was not his height and not favoring anything. It was a model that will put years on top and gave the impression that he had taken from her grandmother's closet.


Mayim Bialik, aka Blossom, appeared too stuffy. For nothing was the worst of the night, but shone not that her outfit was divine. It deserves a 'ni fu ni fá' midnight blue with that model.


The Big Bang Theory actress, Kaley Cuoco was the host of the event so the costume change was served. And while his first election in pink stick signed by Christian Siriano was correct, your second option seemed too white prom. And that to me is the tulle skirt and ruffles done horrifies me ...


Do I like or do not like?

There are models that I can not say if I like or not. The first of all is that of Brittany Snow. Maybe if her dress had been longer it would clear (YES!), Or other cleavage ... What do you think?


Dear Shay Mitchell, necklines such do not feel anything right. Could not have picked another color in accessories? Perhaps slightly more lively, or another color in the dress. No, I do weight.


Oh, oh, oh. Storms ahead with my choice of Lea Michele. Yes, her Elie Saab was fanuloso but that color was tremendous and together with your hairstyle made ​​the stay in negative result.


And the one that makes me doubt is Julianne Hough. Monisima yes, but these low dress, so that glitter and tulle (I hate it!) Not finished to convince me. What do you think about it?


Who deserves the award for bowling tacky?

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