Tuesday, January 22, 2013

There seems to be a new accessory (nonsense) in photos bloggers: balloons, are welcome


There are fads that do not understand, but as you can imagine, the respect. And the last to get my attention is to take pictures for personal blog where a big bunch of balloons captures attention. Yes, very beautiful and artistic all, but when you have five blogs seeing the same thing at the end just tired. Are supposed to inspire bloggers have to go to work, to school or wherever, but I do not see myself going to a job interview with ten helium balloons covering my head. For them it is an accessory to a trend that makes me pretty photo but little else.

bal_02 Tuula

And is that as we have been saying as the months went by, many fashion blogs no longer serve but to inspire us to explore a little deeper into the life of the protagonist: his clothes are expensive, everyday dresses new clothes and all that show is unlike anything we have in the closet.

bal_03 Gary Pepper

We do not know the addiction to take pictures with this new accessory, but what we can say is that the result is cool. Regardless of whether they are to return to their childhood, because it is fashionable or simply to get attention.


Since this summer fashion never stops surprising me: the same thing happened last year with the bikes . When something becomes popular, it runs like wildfire among bloggers.


In our country the trend comes from the hand of Aida, Dulceida protagonist. With Barcelona at his feet, his 'cluster' is much easier than others and is less widely appreciated.


Even if I have to meet with some I do with Miranda Kerr, who just yesterday hung in his personal account of Instagram this photo where she is seen with dozens of balloons.


The first class

Even if we are talking about those who started to create this particular trend, we name the firms. Because if I remember correctly, one of the first brands to show their ads balloons was one of his Dior perfumes.


And last summer White also had this very special accessory in one of his campaigns with Izabel Goulart.


What do you think of this new trend?

Photos | Tuula , Dulceida , Francesca Bellavita , Bittersweet Colours , Gary Pepper , Instagram @ MirandaKerrVerified
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