Monday, January 7, 2013

Top summer! Or so claim the Victoria's Secret catalog with your new bathroom 2013


Once again, and as is customary, after Christmas and lingerie firm Victoria's Secret bathing transports us to an island paradise to show us her new swimwear collection. Yes, we are still remnants of polvorón and nougat on teeth and think of the operation bikini is harder than the slope of January. But I like to think that in a few months we lie out in the sun and feel the sand between your toes ...

Although change parasols and palm trees by a clear water murky water and ice. Maybe we can not have these so idyllic beaches but we can show off the models they propose. Although the result is not even remotely the same.

Version lisa

For a bikini not bore you at the end of the season and you can use it you have to retire it for wear, opt for smooth versions. And this does not mean boring because you can choose different ways as the bottom (although sometimes the most risky).


The colors can also be different. Although not to my liking many girls prefer to go to the beach with a striking version as gold or silver. What do you think?


If I have to choose a tone I prefer the living contrasting perfectly with tanned skin in late summer. And I prefer to avoid marking a bandeau top with effect: say goodbye to the strips marked on your shoulders.


If you like the white but bores you always see the same commitment to your fabric: crochet effect is a good investment.


Fliers can give a fun and different to your bikini smooth.


The fit with two disparate colors like salmon and yellow makes it a good way to break up the monotony.


A mix of prints

If you're bored with the ease of her bikini and want to change every other day also, that the patterns can help you see life differently.


Flowers are the best print to wear this type of clothing: many colors, sizes and styles in one pattern. What do you think?


Stripes and polka dots are two trends that will hit hard this Spring-Summer 2013. Why not put them together to create a bikini? Here is the result.


Am one who likes to wear a bikini type patterned scarf or cashmere. This year these prints are transferred to pastel colors.


And if you prefer to opt for the typical leopard animal print in multicolor.


With applications

The rhinestone is increasingly common to find in swimwear. The rhinestones give a twist to the garment and it seems that this year the American company introduces hot models. Plain or printed, there is something for everyone ...



And if you prefer you can always opt for a full bikini. in case that the operation bikini not worked and do not want to show more than necessary.


What model do you stay?

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