Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Trends Spring-Summer 2013: life in black and white and is not outdated


We release year and he started the special Trends Spring-Summer 2013. What do you take in a few months? What is out of our closet? What we retain from past seasons? For now the safest bet is the black and white. This Winter 2012/2013 and we have been introduced and just yesterday we saw some looks with these colors as protagonists . But this season will be a full-scale invasion ...


Their leaflets have been cloned before it even came to shop, but it's there: who hesitates is lost and Zara is the speed of light . Still, Balenciaga collection will be of the most imitated and loved this season.



For many and many the Spring-Summer 2013 Balmain is just awful. I do not want to get wet, as always I have an opinion misleading: over the weeks (and as if it were a song) every time I goes like a little more. What will dress? Harlequin black and white?



All Céline collections for simplicity glow of their clothes, and this could not be otherwise. Straight lines, vaporous and not much to but with the seal of the house. What do you think? Shoes are a horror, though.



The preferred color and favorite pair of Coco Chanel once again becomes a great collection where black dresses are decorated by white perlones broken necks in the same color.


Dolce & Gabbana

The stripes trend is color mixed for this couple in the new collection of the most famous Italian couple in recent times. Dolce & Gabbana still has culottes and dresses below the knees. What do you think the end result?


Isabel Marant

How could it be otherwise, since the day I saw the new collection of Isabel Marant I completely fell in love. Especially your Hawaiian flower print in black and white, although some models have a touch of red to make the perfect result.


Louis Vuitton

As if it were a chess, the Louis Vuitton fashion show was presented with models parading two by two as if they were twins. Rescued her miniskirts and with square monoshort XXL .


Marc Jacobs

Geometric Madness is what attendees experienced Spring-Summer 2013 fashion show of Marc Jacobs. A very own wardrobe to Austin Powers, this collection features stripes and squares, in some way, you get to hypnotize.


What do you think this trend is so hard?

Photos | After DRK
In Jared | Touched and sunk by the black and white
In Jared | Life in black and white (almost) always like

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