Sunday, January 13, 2013

Undecided? Want to say yes? Rosa Clara 2013 may help you decide


We still disrupted the fateful news with which awoke on Wednesday with the death of Manuel Mota , one of the best wedding dress designers in this country and internationally. But life goes on, and today we know the news of another very famous Spanish brand: Rosa Clara. Are you getting married this year and you're still undecided? Perhaps these dresses you out of your dismay.


The truth is that there are beautiful, others who do not go with my style, with simple or more volumes. As I have never thought that going through the altar do not know what kind of dress I would choose, just know I would avoid going recharged or too flashy.


But the colors and tastes are perhaps the one thing that is clear: the fit has to be present in this piece so special.


Or maybe you are one of those that thinks that is only girlfriend once in a lifetime (or more) and want to go straight out princess type a Disney story where the dress is packed volumes and only you are the center of attention.


Be what your preferences are, perhaps this new 2013 catalog brides help you overcome the difficult choice is to opt for a single dress. Would you say yes I want one of them?

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